Step by Step Printable Worksheets for Preschool!

preschool-printable-worksheets-graphic01This step-by-step system of printable worksheets, making up the David Dolphin Workbooks, has been tried and tested by Liz Allan in her preschool, for more than three decades. They are designed specifically to help your child get ready for school. Your interest in educating your child will help them prepare for a bright future.

I have been running a successful preschool for 35 years, and have seen my learners consistently achieve excellence in both academic and other areas of their school careers. Children leave my care and tuition well prepared for junior and high school, and I am proud to say that they all go on to succeed later in life too. Give your child the same start with printable worksheets that will help them learn the basic skills they need for kindergarten and school.

My philosophy is a simple one - give a child confidence, and you give them success. The David Dolphin Workbook Series will help your child get used to doing worksheets, and with your support and encouragement, they will gain the confidence they need to cope at school.

A confident child will handle peer pressure and other challenges easier throughout their life. Confidence, responsibility and self-discipline are key to a well-rounded, capable child.

The David Dolphin set of printable preschool worksheets will give your child a solid foundation on which to build a good education, allowing them to enter the statutory schooling system with confidence and pride.

Liz Allan - Author of The David Dolphin Workbook series.

Each of the workbooks is full of age-specific
printable worksheets to teach your child:

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Sounds and the Alphabet

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Coloring In

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Numbers and Counting

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Cutting Out

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Dot-to-Dot

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3General Knowledge

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Learning to Draw

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Perception

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Shapes and Colors

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Alphabet and Learning to Write

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Letters Words and Reading

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Starting Mathematics

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Letters, Sounds and Reading

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Numbers, Addition and Subtraction

worksheets for kindergarten-graphic3Perception and Patterns

2 versions to choose from - USA English or UK English

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The printable worksheets for kids, available in the David Dolphin books, will help you prepare your child for school.

printable-kindergarten-worksheets-graphic05Many different uses

Kindergarten and preschool teachers will find these preschool printable worksheets a useful resource for their learners.

Parents can use the worksheets for additional practice for their children who already attend preschool or kindergarten. If your child is not attending preschool he or she will benefit greatly from the David Dolphin Workbooks, as the worksheets will help them get the basics right to prepare them for school.


Each workbook contains age-specific worksheets designed to suit the stage of development that your child is in at that age. The preschool printable worksheets are designed to allow your child to progress at a comfortable pace, progressing from easy to more challenging with each consecutive worksheet.

Download once only

Once you have downloaded the workbooks, you can print out each worksheet when you need it, as many times as you like. There'e no need to find a website again and click through pages to find the same worksheet again. Your child can practice the skills taught as many times as necessary before moving to the next level. Unlike a workbook you buy in a store, your child can only complete the worksheets you print, so they don't finish half the book in the first day and get bored.

preschool-printable-worksheets-graphic06Motor Skills

Specifically designed in black and white, these preschool printable worksheets encourage your child to color in each page, giving them extra practice to improve their fine motor skills. Because there are almost no color pages, you save a fortune in printer ink too.


The instructions for the printable kindergarten worksheets have been kept separate to avoid overwhelming young children with lots of writing they cannot read. These worksheets are specifically designed to introduce the same concepts in a variety of different ways to promote understanding and keep children interested. They are fun and exciting, and your child will look forward to completing them.

The preschool printable worksheets provide an opportunity for parents to get involved in educating their children, helping them learn the basics they will need for school.

The David Dolphin Workbook Series is divided into 3 age specific workbooks that cover all the required learning materials needed
for a specific age group.

3 to 4 Year Old Workbooks
(117 Worksheets)

Introducing the concepts of literacy and numeracy, this workbook introduces your child to the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors with fun-filled worksheets that develop the basic skills they will build on for school.

Subjects Covered in 3 to 4 Year Old Workbooks:

• Alphabet and Sounds (16)
• Coloring In (8)
• Numbers and Counting (20)
• Cutting Out (8)
• Dot-to-Dot (10)
• General Knowledge (13)
• Learning to Draw (10)
• Perception (13)
• Learning Shapes (19)


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Cost: $21.00 USD
You also get the
Parent / Teacher Handbook, Health and Fitness Tips and
"Animal Friends Poetry Book"

for FREE with your purchase


*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
we supply all the books only as downloadable ebooks.

4 to 5 Year Old Workbooks
(115 Worksheets)

These workbooks introduces writing, builds on the basic knowledge of counting, numbers, the alphabet, writing and drawing, providing your child with the foundation they need throughout their schooling.

Subjects Covered in 4 to 5 Year Old Workbooks:

Alphabet and Learning to Write (25)
• Dot-to-Dot (10)
• Drawing (5)
• General Knowledge (7)
• Letters Words and Reading (10)
• Numbers and Counting (20)
• Perception (7)
• Shapes (15)
• Starting Mathematics (16)


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Cost: $21.00 USD
You also get the
Parent / Teacher Handbook, Learn How to Draw and
How to Raise Confident Children
for FREE with your purchase


*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
we supply all the books only as downloadable ebooks.

5 to 6 Year Old Workbooks
(145 Worksheets)

Simple addition, subtraction, reading and writing skills are honed in this workbook. Practice is varied so that your child not only learns, but grasps the concepts behind the learning.

Subjects covered in 5 to 6 Year Old Workbooks:

Drawing (11)
• General Knowledge (16)
• Letters, Sounds and Reading (51)
• Numbers, Addition and Subtraction (27)
• Perception and Patterns
• Learning to Write (26)


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Cost: $21.00 USD
You also get the
Parent / Teacher Handbook, Health and Fitness Tips and
Learn How to Draw

for FREE with your purchase


*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
we supply all the books only as downloadable ebooks.

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The results speak for themselves!

These are report cards from children at school that were taught using The David Dolphin Workbook Series in preschool and kindergarten and we have a pile of these!

homeschool-worksheets-graphic05 homeschool-preschool-graphic06 homeschool-worksheets-graphic07




If you want to give your preschool children the best start, get the
David Dolphin Workbook Series today. You won’t find printable
worksheets for children like these anywhere else.

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Parent/ Teacher Handbook

You get Free with any purchase

This handbook provides parents and teachers with ideas, tips and tricks to help your child progress comfortably through the workbooks. Instilling the right values at an early age develops healthy habits for schooling too. Positive reinforcement and building your child's confidence are vital for their success.



Learn to Draw

Teach your child how to draw! Easy to follow simple drawing techniques that will give your child a basic understanding of combining shapes to create other shapes.



Coloring Book

Learning how to color develops the fine motor skills your child will need to master writing. It's also a great way to keep kids busy on a rainy day!



How to raise Confident Children

Confidence is the key to success. Learn how to be encouraging and supportive using Liz's confidence-boosting tricks!



Health and Fitness Tips for Children

Guidelines to help parents encourage healthy eating habits and teach their children how to enjoy physical activity to keep them fit and growing healthily.



"Animal Friends" Poetry Book

Meet David Dolphin's animal friends in this super collection of poems written by Liz herself.


*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
we supply all the books only as downloadable ebooks.

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You may be asking “Why should I buy these when I can download free math worksheets elsewhere?”

Like many parents, you’ve probably searched the web for mathematic worksheets for your child. You’ll find them, but you will also find that:

  • There is no systematic step by step system to the worksheets you download for free.

    The David Dolphin Mathematics Worksheets teaches your child step by step, learning basic concepts first and progressing from there. Very easy for the parent or teacher to implement the correct procedure from the beginning.

  • You have to click through several pages before you get to the worksheet you want, and then download each page one at a time.

    At David Dolphin, we know that parents are strapped for time – you download the workbooks ONCE, and they’re on your PC forever – no time-consuming searches and click-throughs. And you'll have enough preschool mathematics worksheets to last your child from age 3 to 6 years old.

    There are over 95 kids math worksheets in the series.

  • After all that time, the worksheet has one letter or number on each page, so you’ve got to repeat the click-throughs and downloads over and over.

    Each David Dolphin Worksheet covers a lot more activities per page than we have seen anywhere else. The pages are packed with variation and stimulating exercises.

  • The free worksheets can be very repetitive – and your child gets bored.

    Although repetition is a great way to learn, the David Dolphin worksheets present the same learning concepts in a variety of different ways to prevent boredom and promote deeper understanding.

  • If your child wants to do the same worksheet again a few days later, you’ve got to find it on the web again!

    Because the entire David Dolphin Workbook is on your PC, you just have to reprint the specific page.

"The author is able to assist young children in conceptualising and integrating themes and ideas vital for later school success"


Being prepared for school makes your child confident, able to cope with their new surroundings and new tasks. This will translate into success throughout their education and later in life.

A small outlay now will turn into a big investment in
your child’s future. Surely their future is worth it?


*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
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60 day Iron Clad Guarantee

Buy the Complete David Dolphin series of pre-school
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  1. 3-4 Year Old Workbook

  2. 4-5 Year Old Workbook

  3. 5-6 Year Old Workbook

  4. Parent/Teacher Handbook

Plus your bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 - Learn to Draw

  • Bonus #2 - Coloring Book

  • Bonus #3 - How to Raise Confident Children

  • Bonus #4 - Health and Fitness Tips for Children

  • Bonus #5 - "Animal Friends" Poetry Book


  • A 60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Workbooks and Bonuses supplied in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print the workbooks which is distributed for free.
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Worksheets for preschool complete set

preschool worksheets

*P.S. To make the David Dolphin Workbooks and bonuses as cost effective as possible,
we supply all the books only as downloadable ebooks.




"My son Blair had an exceptional start in his primary and higher education which I soundly believe was due to his preschool grounding with Liz Allan's workbooks. He has now applied at university to become a veterinary surgeon and has been accepted."
Alison Cowie
Parent - Scotland


"The author of the pre-school books has been a positive influence in the lives of numerous individuals known to me. She taught my brother, my cousins children and my own son. The children in her care seem to learn various skills, such as mathematics, spelling, reading, fine and gross motor control, and general knowledge, to name a few, at a very fast rate. The author is able to assist young children in conceptualising and integrating themes and ideas vital for later school success. She has a way of making learning a fun experience for young children. Her vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the development of young children and teaching techniques is evident in the success of the children in her care over many years. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a pre-school teacher, as well as support any educational material that she creates."
Dr Natascha Pfeifer - PSYCHOLOGIST


"I arrived at Liz's pre-school when I was only 3 years old, now being a 20 year old Student Athlete studying at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio on a full scholarship, I have to attribute my success to this fantastic lady. Not only did her workbooks provide the foundation for my education but also sculpted the person I am today both in my morals and beliefs. Her constant motivation pushed me to higher levels in my sport( represented South Africa internationally in swimming). I strongly believe that I would not be in my current position in life if it were not for me having the privilege of being mentored by this remarkable person."
Davon Peffer
Student - USA


"Travelling for 40 kilometres every day for 8 years for my children to be with Liz was well worth the effort. Both my children have excelled in academics with awards in primary school, thanks mainly to the tuition Liz provided with her comprehensive worksheets. Without their excellent start with Liz, I am sure I would not be the proud mother of such clever, happy and successful children today."
Angela Warren
Parent - South Africa
Worksheets for Preschool

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